Acts of Kindness for Kids To Do Today!

Acts of Kindness for Kids To Do Today!

Happy National Do Something Nice Day! 


The joy of doing an act of kindness is contagious! Whether you're holding a door open for something, paying it forward in the coffee line, or doing something nice for someone to make their lives just a little bit easier, it is sure to bring a smile to your face! Encouraging our kids to do nice things for those around them helps to build and foster positive relationships! Here are some ideas for you and your littles to do something nice for those around you today!  

Make a card for your favorite teacher at school

Tell someone a joke to make them laugh

Find 3 ways to be helpful around the house today

Read a story to someone 

Tell someone why you are grateful for them 

Pick up trash you find outside

Call a family member you haven't talked to in awhile and ask how they are doing

Ask a new friend to play at recess



Whatever it is that you decide to do today, I hope that you find a way to do something nice for someone else and bring joy to someone else's life! 

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